Russian Hackers (mostly) – Beating Them Off


It’s been a while, but some time ago this site, and my other site, was hacked to bits by these hackers who it would appear really don’t have lives.
The sites were a complete mess, unfortunately.
But I had absolutely no time to tackle the problem as I was super-busy with an intense Higher Diploma in Computer Science (Cyber Security specialisation) which took up every minute for the whole year.
That’s complete now, big success with great results! 🙂
So time to turn attention to tackling these hacker wasters and fixing the sites.
Much progress but not yet complete – work ongoing – it’s very interesting and a great learning experience, especially with the ability to collect details and statistics on the types and sources of attempted attacks!
But it’s amazing the volume of attacks and illegal login attempts coming from hackers out of Russia!
There are other countries where miscreants live too, and the US also has nothing to be proud of, but in general the Russians take the biscuit if the statistics are anything to go by!
Of course every nation will unfortunately have its misfits and misguided individuals. Ireland is no exception. But there is a large volume of published evidence about state-sponsored hacking activity, and Russia is front and centre in a lot of that. Very disturbing! I would query what that might say about the Russian psyche in general?
But I think ultimately it will be to the detriment of countries such as Russia, and others including cyber criminals, that engage in this type of activity.
Effective defenses will come to the fore and leave the true creative innovators even further ahead of the spongers and copycats.
Strongly suggest Vladimir Putin have a serious look at himself and then start to tackle what would appear to be a dysfunctional administration and country! But who could be optimistic about this, given his track record so far?

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