Digital Hands On

digital hands on

Digital Hands On

Would you like to be able to set up and run a blog with a web address of your own choosing?

Understand how a basic web page is constructed and maybe be able to do that yourself?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have in-depth digital experience and qualifications.

However, digital skills to any extent are valuable in today’s online world.

For those who would like to start the journey, ‘digital hands on’ is a great way to develop some practical skills.

In future posts I will outline:

  • Getting a URL (website address)
  • Opening an account with a web hosting provider (a small investment, somewhere to host your website or blog files)
  • Downloading and setting up FileZilla (FTP Client) and Notepad++ (a capable text editor), both free!
  • Downloading and configuring WordPress (the most popular blogging platform and basis for many websites, it’s also free!)
  • Set up Facebook page (not the same as your personal Facebook account) and Twitter account (both free too!)
  • Downloading and setting up GIMP for image manipulation (free!)
  • Suggestions on learning some html and css – always helpful in any website work
  • Learning to embed photos and video in WordPress
  • Building a basic web page from native html and css
  • Incorporating some javascript dynamic functions in the basic web page

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