Digital – Where To Start

world wide webI was speaking with Peter recently and he said, “I can use a computer, ie Word, Excel, Email, Facebook, etc. But I don’t have any in-depth digital technology skills and it all looks so complicated. Where do I start in terms of building my digital skills?”

That’s what I get asked a lot and it’s what I would like to deal with here.

The question mostly relates to websites so we’ll use that as the focal point.

It might be building or modifying a website, or maybe adding some features such as a blog, a contact form or photo gallery, etc.

I think the first thing to realise is how far web technology has progressed in a short number of years. This rate of progress and change is only increasing.

The very basics might remain relatively constant but high-end sites are hugely complex and require large financial and skilled manpower investments. Web technologists skilled in the latest web development tools and techniques are in huge demand world-wide.

That’s one big plus, but the other is how interesting, fascinating and absorbing it all is! As they say, if you love what you do, it isn’t work!

But don’t underestimate the challenge in becoming one of these skilled web technologists. Any such worthwhile skillset requires serious determination, commitment and investment. But the return on that undertaking makes it all so fantastically rewarding and at some point all these experts started with the first step!

That’s what I hope to do here – go through what I see as some of those first steps!

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