Who’s George?

George Hannan

George Hannan

It would be more interesting to learn about you and what brings you here.

I guess you must have some interest in digital and no better thing in terms of building bridges than shared interests and passions – so welcome! And I’d be delighted if you would drop me a note to let me know what did bring you here and if you found anything of interest. Maybe you could even suggest some content I could work on? Thanks!

I’d also greatly appreciate a Facebook Page ‘Like’ on the George’s Digital Space Facebook page, and a Twitter ‘Follow’ on @georgehannan as it really helps spread the word and grow the community – again thanks a million! Happy to reciprocate if you would like – do let me know.

On my side, I’ve worked in many roles in quite a few countries and finally found my way back to Ireland, for better or worse. I’ve always had a big passion for computing and digital, right back to the days of the Apple IIe and Visicalc spreadsheet, if any of you can remember that! Google it and have a look – it was brilliant! We thought 128k of RAM was the bees knees, and no such thing as hard drives and GUI’s! What sexy pieces of kit – nothing but command-line stuff then! That was when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak hadn’t long moved their Apple computer assembly out of Steve Jobs’ garage!

But digital and computing wasn’t my original area of formal training and I’ve just accumulated experience and done a variety of learning programmes over time, including the first Xerox-developed pure Object Oriented programming language, Smalltalk. One of the things I did there was coding a data compression / decompression routine – really interesting! I’m still learning and will continue to do so for as long as long is – it’s just such a fascinating space!

In my opinion we should all be engaged in life-long learning because it means we can be relevant and constructively involved at the forefront of developments. Ongoing learning combined with experience is a potent combination.

Really, I should have stuck with programming (or coding as it is now) as I remember blowing the socks off a programming aptitude test for some software service provider and two guys rushing down to see who had just demolished their pet test! Fun! But I guess we make our choices!

Apart from tech my other passion is hiking, long-distance, none of this pussy-footing round the park for half an hour! Nothing better than a full backpack, 20km or more of beautiful trail and aching legs to the next stop-over! I’ve a blog at www.walksforyou.com and a Facebook page at Walksforyou. A ‘Like’ and comments always appreciated there too!

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Life’s too short to miss out on cool connections and networking opportunities. There are seven days in the week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them – do get in touch!