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web addressYour own web address, I think, is the way to go for all sorts of good reasons.

By this I mean www.(whatever name you want or get).com or dot whatever. There are lots available and most countries have their own suffix (known as a ‘top-level domain’) if that’s what you want. Obviously certain rules apply.

It’s better to pick a more usual ‘dot whatever’ because more people will be familiar it.

Of course the Irish being the Irish, the .ie suffix is more expensive than any of the others – you can try to explain that in your own way! Personally I don’t think there is a reasonable explanation but welcome to our way of doing things! It might have something to do with all these purported pots of gold sitting at the end of our rainbows?? Who knows! Maybe lots of rainbows, but…….

I guess a more usual technical term would be your own ‘domain name’, meaning your own world wide web domain name. The techies might call it your own ‘URL’ meaning Uniform Resource Locator if you’re into jargon. I’m not. To me, plain English is best, or plain ‘your own language’ whatever that may be.

To be considerate of your time I won’t flog the debate regarding ‘why your own website address’ to death here – lots already in the public domain on that and you can make up your own mind.

I’ll just stick with how I’ve done it here but there are loads of options if you want to go down an alternative route.

I use Blacknight Solutions and I’m happy enough with them. One thing though, in my humble opinion their technical support people suffer quite a jargon malady! Probably not at all unique to them, but keep hammering away and you might eventually get intelligible answers!

Go to the ‘Register a Domain Name today’ section on the above page.
Register a Domain Name

There you can try out alternatives. I think it’s fairly self-explanatory how to test to see if a particular domain name is available but trial and error won’t break anything so go for it!

Prices are given on this page too so decide how much you want to spend. A web address is quite inexpensive, not much more than a couple of pints of Guinness or thereabouts. You can pay by card.

Bear in mind you will have to renew the subscription to your web address annually, before the deadline, or you will lose it. You will be able to renew via whoever you bought it from.

You probably have a few preferable names in mind, but if they are common, cool, catchy, compact or covetable web addresses in almost any way at all, chances are they’re already registered and therefore not available.

The vast majority of the really good web addresses are already taken and chances are you don’t want to go down the road of buying that address from whoever has already registered it. Normally way too expensive!

So get creative! Here are a few guidelines, once again in my humble opinion:

  • the shorter the better – more easily remembered and less easily mis-spelled!
  • not initials unless the abbreviation is extremely well known in the circles you want to move, or it ties in with a lot of other ‘marketing collateral’
  • forget about weird names – those may be fine for your pet hamster or goldfish but not a good idea for a web address!
  • forget about unique spellings of common names, Google will probably hate it and you don’t want to upset Google!
  • think of the people you wish to reach, what short name would express what you want to say to them?
  • I think for most people your own name or some sensible and relevant variation is always worth considering for your web address. But if you do, you had better be happy about having a significant digital footprint for the rest of your life! Not a bad thing if you live and behave in a way that your ‘target market’ will identify with in a positive way, or if you want to make a positive professional impact!

Of course you can always register more than one web address if you want and if there are a few that fit the bill for you. Many people buy the country top level domain, and the .com of the same name if available. The .com top level domain is ubiquitous and often considered as ‘the’ suffix.

Next up will be renting some hosting server space for your website.

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