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Last Two Cyber Security Articles

Jan 23
Cybercrime Laws in Ireland

An overview of laws applicable to cybercrime and defined offences is very useful for professionals working in the field of information security and cyber security in general. This article also provides some useful links to authoritative legal sources. Read more

Nov 14
Email: The Backstreet Analogy

Clicking around on a secure website may be fine, but a change of mindset to cautious and skeptical advised when navigating emails from unknown sources. Hazards may lurk. Read more

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Last Two Blog Posts

Jan 26
Yuval Noah Harari Davos 2020

A wake-up call in terms of awareness of potential side-effects of technologies like Artificial Intelligence creating economic and social disruption leading to a new 'useless' class Read more

Nov 09
Revolut – Enlightened Banking

Sometimes problems incentivise us to overcome inertia, check out other options and make some positive changes with very worthwhile outcomes. So it was with banking. Read more

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