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Review by on 16 Jan 2022

Andy details the chilling track record of Russian state-sponsored hackers from the crude but effective denial of service cyber attack on Estonia in 2007, on to crippling cyber attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure on several occasions, infiltation of the critical national infrastructure of Western democracies, election interference and beyond. Technically adept as they were, on every occasion the Russian hackers left forensic identity information. Not that this motivated Western governments to pay responsible attention for a long time.

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The Code Breaker

Review by on 9 Jun 2021

A fascinating account of how, through the research work of Jennifer Doudna and other biochemistry researchers, bacteria opened the path to gene editing. The resulting research work also proved key to testing for and tackling Covid-19. Another great book by Walter Isaacson.

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The Score Takes Care of Itself

Review by on 13 May 2021

Not many can aspire to the leadership and management achievements of Bill Walsh. But his advice and guidance is there in a very digestible form for those open to it.

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Atomic Habits

Review by on 5 Apr 2021

A few interesting points but generally didn’t find much in the way of brilliant revelations. Dull, so skipped quite a bit to speed getting to the end. A mismatch between the book’s intended target market and my reading preferences. Many seem to have found it interesting and helpful.

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Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

Review by on 27 Mar 2021

Many hail blockchain as “The Next Internet” in terms of the potential scale of its broader impact . And of course blockchains are the current essential digital infrastructure for ‘cryptocurrencies’ like Bitcoin and Ether as well as private blockchains having great potential in the financial services and other business sectors. A good primer as well as some pragmatic real-world advice for speculators.

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American Kingpin

Review by on 12 Mar 2021

Most ideas never take off. But sometimes, unpredictably, the train starts moving and carries on gathering speed. The world is full of examples where the train eventually goes so fast, good judgement goes out the window and it’s impossible to stop or get off. So it was with Ross Ulbricht. This case involves illicit online sales of contraband on the dark net and is near the top of the runaway train pyramid!

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Trading Evolved

Review by on 4 Jan 2021

The sub-title misleadingly suggests that anyone can apply the Zipline open-source backtesting library in Python to backtest market trading strategies. In my view one would need to be an expert Python coder and debugger to have a running chance of using Zipline to implement the concepts presented in this book. But, for those who want to develop the skills to do that, it is an interesting and rewarding challenge to undertake. This book at least provides a context and reference point to begin or progress that journey.

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