Formal Qualifications

A selection of recent

Immediately below are the formal qualifications, both achieved and underway, that are relevant in relation to the ‘Business’ page of this site. I’ve accumulated a ton of other wall paper over the years, some listed towards the bottom of this page.

MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics

(Edinburgh Napier University – Distance Learning). Commenced January 2018.

Completed modules to date:

Remaining Modules:

The dissertation is now underway as at January 2021. It will involve the use of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in relation to the analysis and classification of potentially malicious communications. A raw-format dataset was obtained by investigating and reaching out to academic sources globally via an extensive search of references from recent research work in potentially comparable domains. Most of the work will be carried out with the Python machine learning library SciKit-Learn, the NLP library Spacy, and Python utility libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Random, Regex, etc. Conda will be used as the package manager for Python and libraries, through the Anaconda Navigator GUI.  There may also be some comparative work with the WEKA Machine Learning Workbench which was developed at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

The next step is pre-processing of the dataset and transformation to a format suitable for NLP and ML classification trials.

As at 5th April 2021: Initial dissertation report due at end April. Making interesting progress having researched and tested some methods relating to minimising Type II (false negative) classification errors on unbalanced dataset. Excellent precision and recall metrics with a surprising perfect result on eliminating false negatives.

The program title above is linked to the relevant University web page for more information

Higher Diploma in Computer Science

2017, National College of Ireland, Dublin – (Computer Science with 1st Class Honours)

Certificate in Digital Marketing

2014, National College of Ireland, Dublin

Certificate in Web Design

2013, VEC, Marino, Dublin (including Best Project Award)

BCom Honours

1989, University of South Africa – (Business Management, Finance and Marketing)

And many other short courses in for example sales and sales management. Held PRINCE2 Project Management accreditation but have not re-validated. Also not forgetting a BSc in Natural Sciences (Dublin Institute of Technology) in the early years – still frequently useful in situations where scientific awareness is an asset.