Contact me

Through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, links at bottom of page

I would be pleased to hear from you if you wish to discuss business, or have any queries or suggestions in connection with this site.

In this case I would ask you in the first instance to contact me through either LinkedIn, the Facebook page called ‘George’s Digital Space’, or through my Twitter account.

Just click on the social media icons at the bottom of the page to access these accounts.

In the case of LinkedIn, through which you normally can’t message people not in your network, please just send me a link invitation, briefly explaining what the contact is about.

I will revert as soon as practicable.

The reason for this round-about approach is that contact, comment forms, etc. on a site are popular channels of attack used by spammers and malicious actors. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have pretty solid defenses in place against bad actors.

Before I implement any contact forms I want to make absolutely certain that the right technology is in place to validate and sanitise anything they might contain. This process has no effect whatsoever on legitimate messages, but heads off attempts to spam or inject malicious scripts and code.

Thank you.