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May 21
Cyber Boot Camps

Wall Street Journal has identified an important issue. A better strategy is needed for transitioning from cyber security education and training into employer internship and entry-level roles Read more

Jan 02
2-Factor Authentication – Much Better Security

According to a Microsoft report, Multi-Factor Authentication reduces the chances of account compromise by more than 99.9% over straight passwords. Read more

Jan 23
Cybercrime Laws in Ireland

An overview of laws applicable to cybercrime and defined offences is very useful for professionals working in the field of information security and cyber security in general. This article also provides some useful links to authoritative legal sources. Read more

Nov 14
Email: The Backstreet Analogy

Clicking around on a secure website may be fine, but a change of mindset to cautious and skeptical advised when navigating emails from unknown sources. Hazards may lurk. Read more

Oct 29
Cracking Weak Passwords

Technology and available tools make cracking weak passwords easy for the hacker! But that job becomes difficult or near-impossible with the right password format Read more

Oct 15
Secure Passwords

Secure passwords - some guidelines on risk associated with passwords, password management a secure password strategy Read more

Sep 07

Phishing is Internet Public Enemy Number 1. Here are a few important points about this problem, the need to be sharply aware, and some pointers to help in recognising phishing attempts. Read more

Sep 06
Google Safe Browsing Check

Google examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites. Before you visit a site you are not sure you can trust, put the URL (website address) into the "Check site status" search bar on Google's Safe Browsing checker here... Read more