Google Safe Browsing Check

One thing we can do to check if a site is safe is carry out a Google Safe Browsing Check before visiting the site. This can be done by putting the web address into Google’s Safe Browsing checker at this link:

Visiting unsafe websites carries the risk of  your computer or smartphone being infected with malicious software, commonly called malware. The potentially undesirable consequences are too many to even start explaining them here and a quick Google search will provide all the information we can handle.

Unsafe websites can be sites specifically set up to directly infect site visitors with a malware payload, or they can be normal websites that have already been infected and which now host malware that passes the infection on.

All this should be preceded by two important basics: make sure you have a reputable, up-to-date anti-virus package installed, and secondly do not under any circumstances click on any out-of-the-blue pop-ups that promise to scan your computer to ‘clean’ it, speed it up or whatever. This is a classic tactic that malware writers use to install their nefarious wares.