First, for a warning to perpetrators of attempted malicious activity, please see the page ‘Unauthorised Activity.

Secondly, let me confirm there are currently no privacy issues relating to this site, or to visitors to this site. I’ll explain that a little further below.

But when we get worked up about ‘Privacy’, I think it’s important to have an informed grasp of what it is that is exercising us.

Privacy, as encompassed within the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is largely about the lawful gathering of relevant personal information for a particular, intended, and clearly disclosed purpose, and only where clearly authorised to do so by the individual, the use of such information solely for the purpose for which it was gathered, the secure storage and processing of that personal information, keeping the information only for as long as legitimately required in relation the intended purpose, and secure deletion of that information if instructed by the individual concerned. The individual has been given powerful control over their personal information under GDPR and the consequences for infringement can be severe. Just bear in mind that countries outside the EU are not subject to GDPR, but GDPR does have a reach beyond the EU and I will explain that further in related articles on this site.

As explained above, there are no privacy issues relating to this site because:

Site cookies are a normal feature of modern web technology in terms of providing a good user experience, so these are used.

Google Analytics is also used to provide site traffic metrics but this is anonymised and cannot be translated into personal identifiable information.