Unauthorised Activity

A warning to perpetrators of malicious activity

Where malicious activity on this site is attempted, such as unauthorised admin login, site directory traversal, script injection attempts, unauthorised redirects, malware payloads, etc, site security applications log all details including the specific IP address and Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the visitor engaging in that malicious activity. Security incidents are monitored and can and will be reported to the particular ISP who has the details of the particular individual engaging in such activity. Malicious activity is breaking the law and the consequences of conviction are extremely serious, including a criminal record. The owner of this site will render all possible assistance to authorities in the prosecution of perpetrators of malicious activity, whether on this site or elsewhere. Read Kevin Mitnick’s book, ‘Ghost In The Wires’ – even he was caught and went to jail! People with criminal inclination in the hacking space should also Google and read about Cal Leeming, currently a leading cyber security expert and founder of River Oakfield, a Cyber Security company focused on helping businesses protect their customers, brand, and digital assets from malicious activity.

So just remember, if you hack, you are a criminal, even if you are not caught – which you could be – and the best advice for you is to cease and desist from malicious hacking acts and seek qualified professional help, probably psychiatric, immediately for your issues.