Yuval Noah Harari Davos 2020

Data Colonialism, Digital Dictatorships, Artificial Intelligence

If you have read Yuval Harari’s best seller ‘Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind’, agree with much of what he says or not, I feel he’s a huge intellectual power and an expansive thinker.

At Davos he’s focused on an area of keen interest of mine – technology – and technological disruption from such developments as Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular. His views are fascinating.

His callout regarding the possibility of AI leading to countless millions of job losses globally and the resulting struggle of the victims against irrelevance in relation to the prevailing economic and political systems is certainly thought-provoking.

He postulates that those who fail in the struggle against such irrelevance may constitute a new ‘useless’ class, and an ever-widening gap between those and the elites controlling technological development. A sobering scenario.

He calls on the elites at Davos to address such issues without delay.